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I remember lying in bed one sleepless night asking myself, if I could have the chance to start my life over again, what direction would my career take.


The ultimate high would be to make a positive difference in one’s life whether it was mentally, physically or on a spiritual level. Improving the lives of others would be the greatest high and feelings of gratitude that one could experience.


My career background was always in sales, whether it was in retail, wholesale or contract.


My new adventure would take me to unknown territory. I was ready for a new challenge and a change.  So I start taking introductory courses on different types of energy healing.  This led me to taking courses about BodyTalk, eventually becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) in May 2010. This opened my eyes to realizing that the body is meant to heal itself by re-establishing communication between all body parts and systems.


My clients witnessed many “ah-ha” moments that they would say were miracles of healing. This promoted my thoughts to go forward and examine what else was available other than typical Western medicine. Finally, I stumbled across this new system. The Cellular Body Scan.  This system was used by the Russian Astronauts. When in space there are obviously no doctors nearby so they scan themselves to find out what was going on in their body and created remedies for their individual body frequency to correct these imbalances. Another option available with this system is sound therapy. It has already been proven when a body is vibrating at a high frequency no disease or sickness can live.


After six months of studying various systems available, I believe I have the best technology going. This system unlike any other will take the guess work out of what is actually going on in your body and create the remedies specifically for your individual wellness.


I dedicated my work from here on in… to my deceased Father Karl-Heinz Veith who passed away on November 20th 2006…... I truly believe if I had this system back then my father would be alive today and our family would be complete once again.


With this, I encourage all of you to submit your “Results” so that we can post on this page. The more people realize that The Cellular Body Scan will help jump start your health, the healthier everyone will be in the long run.



Empower yourself and help empower others.



Brigitte Veith, CBP



Being in “what I thought” was great health - l only went to do a scan to learn more about my body and then I realized that we all - no matter, age, life style or habits, have things happening within our system that could be helped.


The scan was amazing - not only did it show me areas in which I thought I had some issues/small pains, but it taught me so much on my overall health. It was very educational and I have learned that as much as I was feeling great- there were things developing that if corrected early -  will not develop into a major problem down the road, so I have begun my drop therapy, and I can see with my own eyes major improvements in areas we have worked on, by scan comparison. I’m not only amazed at the detailed ability of the scan and knowledge behind it, but at the alternative route to wellness & health without medicine.


Thank you Brigitte for opening my eyes to healthier life.  J.Lukus

Brigitte Veith CBP, founder and owner, Body Health Vitality

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