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Does a complex, complete diagnostics of all organs, endocrines, body parts, its tissues and system of the human body….





Allergy Analysis of food

Analysis of Blood

Brain Analysis

Cardiovascular System

Cerebrospinal System

Chakra Balancing

Chemical and Health Metals

Circulatory System

Connective Tissue and Joint Analysis

Digestive System

Gastro-intestinal tract


Endocrine System

Female/Male Chromosomes

Hormonal System

Immune System

Imprinting Holistic remedies

Infections in the organs and System

Lymphatic System

Microorganisms-Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites

Musculoskeletal System

Nervous System

Reproductive System

Respiratory System

Sound Therapy

Testing of specific supplements

Urinary System

Visual and Hearing


Have your health
Challenges Solved Now

The Cellular Body Scan is classified as a biofeedback device working through electromagnetic vibrations of low frequency, transmitting data from the body to the brain. With a 98% accuracy rate, comprehensive results are obtained about the earliest manifestation of dis-ease.


This information is not available through other research methods, i.e. Ultrasound, MRI, X-Ray and Tomography. The Biosensors detect conditions at a cellular level for a complete assessment of the Body/Mind. The client wears headphones for about 15-30 minutes which will trigger the brain to communicate with body’s frequencies. Then a collection of information about the state of the body is taken in detail. Each and every area of imbalance will be detected and identified, whether the challenge is bacteria, virus, parasite, dis-ease or biomedical in nature.


This technology is able to pick up on frequencies and its exact location. Once all the data is collected about the state of the body, then a complete analysis of the information and options are issued on the health the client. The programs is equipped with Meta-Therapy, to support positive frequencies through sound therapy to change the area of illness and its tissues. It is also capable of customizing holistic remedies for the individual. This new technology basically detects, corrects and reserves frequencies within the body’s system to trace the stages of transition from imbalances back to a state of health.


The system provides these responses with no use of radiation, therefore communication is simple, effective and painless providing accurate analysis about organs, endocrines, body parts at a cellular level prior to the manifestation of a serious illness. We are dedicated to helping people restore their health from further unnecessary degeneration through the most advanced technology today.




Brigitte Veith CBP, founder and owner, Body Health Vitality

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